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HIPPA Compliance Should Be One Of Your Top Priorities When Choosing A Medical Receptionist System

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Should you finally decide to acquire the services of a programmer or a patient management company to provide you with virtual medical receptionist software, there is one important thing you need to take to heart. Your virtual medical receptionist must comply with HIPAA.
What is HIPAA? HIPAA is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and it is a law enacted by the U.S. Congress in 1996. This act is a set of regulations that work to combat waste, fraud and abuse in health care delivery and health insurance. HIPAA intends to improve to effectiveness and efficiency of the health care system.

Why should your virtual medical receptionist be HIPAA compliant? Well, over the last decade, the world has witnessed the accelerated increase of digital technology in health care. This means that along with the reduced overhead expenses on the PART of medical practitioners and highly improved service quality, advanced and greater risks for disclosure of personal health information was likewise introduced.

HIPAA STEPS in on this regard to establish standards for privacy and security of personal health data. HIPAA compliance means that anything that can be used to identify an individual and any information shared with other health care providers including names, dates, zip codes, Social Security numbers, medical record numbers and more are protected.

Now it could be that the virtual medical receptionist software you’re acquiring is integrated with an appointment scheduler that uses 3rd party services. These 3rd party services may be in the form of synchronization with mobile devices or smart phones or over the phone scheduling. If that is the case, then the virtual medical receptionist is not following HIPAA compliance. Since there is no guarantee that the patient’s personal information will not be disclosed to someone else when you use mobile synchronization, then the service is considered to be non HIPAA compliant. Even 3rd party voice gateway systems, in this case automated phone appointment schedulers, are not HIPAA compliant.

Remember that sharing patient information to someone else, whether it is knowingly or unknowingly, is strictly prohibited by HIPAA. Failure to observe HIPAA compliance may put your accreditation at risk and damage your reputation as a medical practitioner. Non HIPAA compliance may also result to federal lawsuits, monetary penalties that range from $ 100,000.00 to $ 250,000.00 and imprisonment ranging from one to ten years.
So save yourself from future troubles caused by online appointment schedulers that use 3rd party services. Make sure that the virtual medical receptionist software you’re paying for is HIPAA compliant.

Supporting A Person With Memory Loss

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Aged care Melbourne has good availability of resources for people WHO are caring for people WHO are experience changes in memory. Community Nurse Melbourne is an excellent resource for patients and careers WHO are trying to manage memory changes, the community Nurses Melbourne can assist by providing support, strategies and referrals to specialist and other community organizations that can assist the career in their caring role.

When a loved one is diagnosed with memory changes the effects on the patient, career and family are profound. Often the changes are subtle and take time to notice, the Community Nurse Melbourne can assist the family, career and patient to manage the changes and provide links to quality community organizations that will be able to assist with the managing the day to day needs of both the family, career and patient. Aged care Melbourne have wonderful community groups that assist with respite so careers can continue to work, Community Nurse Melbourne are able to assist with arranging in home respite, residential respite or day centre activity groups. The resources can be a fantastic support to the person WHO is caring for a person with memory changes.

Community Nurse Melbourne can also assist the career to navigate the complex aged care Melbourne system to obtain referrals and ADVICE from agencies that can assist with assessment and funding of aged care Melbourne government funded programs. This can save time and expend for families, obtaining information quickly efficiently. It is important that patients WHO have memory changes are monitored and assessed regularly by health care professionals with expertise in aged care and dementia. Your general practitioner is always an important contact in your healthcare. Eastern suburbs home nursing Melbourne would also recommend that people with memory changes/dementia consider having an annual health check your practice nurse Melbourne can assist with this in your doctors surgery. Your Community Nurse Melbourne or your practice nurse in Melbourne will also recommend that you consider having an assessment by the aged care Melbourne assessment team ACAS assessment, this assessment is very important as this organization is the only organization authorized by the federal government to assess and approve funding for aged care Melbourne aged care packages such as EACH, DEACH or CAPC.

An ACAS assessment is an assessment that will take about 1 -1.5 hours, it is comprehensive assessment of your level health and functioning in order to determine if you are eligible for high aged care Melbourne or low health assessments Melbourne. The level of care determines the eligibility for a community aged care Melbourne package or level of residential respite care eligibility. Aged care Melbourne provide hostel accommodation for people WHO are able to manage things like showering, walking 100m and getting in and out of bed, nursing home level of aged care Melbourne high care, these people are no longer able to manage with out assistance, they generally need help with mobility, dressing, getting in and out of bed, toileting and hygiene.

The Community Nurse Melbourne is able to provide information and referral for ACAS assessments and is a valuable resource to assisting families and careers to gain access to respite care. Respite care is often an important service to assist careers to continue in the career role. The Community Nurse Melbourne is also able to identify patients WHO may benefit from an ACAS assessment and subsequent access to community aged care packages such as EACH or DEACH to assist these clients to remain living safely with in there own home and avoid being placed in residential aged care Melbourne.

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