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Care And Cleaning Of Your Prescription Glasses

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No matter how much you are careful while handling your prescription glasses, the need for cleaning and reglazing always arises. The cause may be dirt on the lenses, scratches or misalignment of the arms. A Basic Knowledge regarding these, like simple polishing techniques and adjusting the arms tricks will help you to take care of the “minor” problems and to take the right decisions.

FIRST of all, one must take every effort to reduce the chances of scratch or a twist on the arms. One should never leave the prescription glasses face down, as it increases the chances of the lenses getting scratched. Both while putting on the prescription glasses and taking them off, you need to make sure that you pay extra attention, because even the slightest pressure on one of the sides may result in a misalignment. This misalignment, however small, will cause discomfort which will only increase with the passage of time. These STEPS mentioned not only increase the longevity and usefulness of the pairs, but also save money.

When it comes to cleaning the lenses of your prescription glasses, it will be always better to FIRST rinse them with water. This will remove the smallest particles from the lenses. This is an important STEP, because without following it, any attempt to wipe the lenses will inevitably lead to scratches. You can also purchase lens cleaner from optical stores which will help you to take care of the scratches. Usually, the cleaner is poured on the scratch and a soft cotton cloth is used to rub that liquid. In fact, even baby oil is known to be used as a lens cleaner.

In case you have found out that your prescription glasses are running asymmetric, chances are one of the arms or both of them are twisted. If the twist is a minor one, you can try applying some pressure on it to make it straight again. But this should always be done, by keeping the prescription glasses on a soft surface, else scratches will occur. In the unfortunate situation of your lenses coming out, one should never try to solve the matter at home, as only a trained optician would be able to do that.

One must always remember to put the prescription glasses in the case, when not in use. Though it sounds obvious, keeping the prescription glasses in the open is one of the most Common Causes of scratch and misalignment of frames.

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Avert Stress On The Eyes With Dental Loupes

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Surgical or Dental loupes are the most essential tool in the kit of every medical professional especially, the dentists, surgeons, clinicians and the hygienists. Loupes enable the dentists and the surgeons to have a distinct view of the working area thereby reducing stress on the eyes. These surgical loupes are basically available in two designs, through the lens (TTL) and the flip-up design.
Selection of the right TYPE of loupe basically depends on the personal choice and preferences as both the TTL and the flip-up loupes are have their own sets of benefits. With the availability of several types of Surgical loupes in the market, you can find numerous surgical loupes with numerous magnification powers ranging from 2.0X to 6.0X magnification. It thus enlarges the image and enables the clinicians to clearly view structures which were otherwise difficult to be seen with the naked eyes. As per the required magnification based on their working requirements, the medical professionals can accordingly select the BEST desired magnification.

Better magnification thus enables the clinicians to meticulously carry out their work without leaning much on to their patients. This ultimately results in tremendous improvements in their ergonomic posture. The dentists or the surgeons thus no longer have to hunch over their patients or work in an uncomfortable posture in order to get better view of their working area.

Surgical or the dental loupes are thus a boon to those belonging to the medical fraternity especially those belonging to the dental and the surgical backgrounds. With a proper enhanced view of the working area, this successfully reduces the strain on the eyes of the medical professionals thereby giving them appalling relief from regular headaches and eye-rubbings, which is very much a PART of their profession.

Not only this, regular usage of dental loupes even leads to reduced pain in the neck of the dentists and surgeons. Better view of the working area allows them to diagnose better without constant bending of the neck thereby resulting in reduced pain and injury in the neck.
What more can you ask for? Other than the reduced injury and pain, the use of surgical or dental loupes automatically increases the confidence and the trust of the patients. They unknowingly develop a sense of security as somewhere down the line even they are aware of the fact that the use of these sophisticated tools will enable him to carry out his task with utmost precision and accuracy.

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