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Hydraulic Press With Its Various Utilities

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A machine that generates a compressive force using a hydraulic cylinder is known as hydraulic press. It was invented by Joseph Bramah of England in the year 1795 and so sometimes it is referred to as Bramah Press. It is alike to a mechanical lever and the mechanism is used to lift machines which require a lot of force and specially used in the construction industry.


It was invented following the principle of hydraulic power. The principle depends upon Pascal’s law which states that in a closed system the pressure throughout remains constant. The two parts of the system are pistons, one act as pump on a small cross sectional area with modest mechanical force and the other part generates large mechanical force. If the pump is separated from the press cylinder then arises a requirement of one small diameter tubing which can resist pressure easily.

Components and Mechanism

It consists of the components that all other hydraulic systems use. It comprises of a pumping system to move the fluid and two cylinders which can hold the hydraulic fluid is place on one top of the other. Oil reduces the requirement of lubricating the machinery of the hydraulics and so it is used as a hydraulic fluid. The pumping system applies pressure to the fluid which is comprised of pump mostly using mechanical power. The hydraulic fluid is pushed by the system of pumping through a one way valve which does not allow passing back and helps it to pass into the cylinders. One of the two cylinders must be attached safely to the moving plate of the press. The plate is usually on a sliding platform to which the cylinders are attached and when the press is active the platform enables it to move to another fixed plate.


These are generally used in the manufacturing of metal parts and also in the construction industry. It was used in the famous Britannia Bridge construction purpose.

In Modern Culture

These are used in hydraulic break system and in car jacks for automobiles. It is also used in the jewelry industry for fold forming, silhouette die farming, anti clastic and synclastic raising.


There are various online shopping marts where manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic press can get in touch with. To get the desired items one must browse through their different sites and order online so that they can supply it to our doorsteps.

Different Uses Of Tubes In Construction And Fluid Technology

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Tubes are hollow and cylindrical structures that are nowadays used to serve a number of purposes. Even a few decades ago tubes were mainly used to carry different kinds of liquids from one place to another. But nowadays, tubes have a whole lot of other uses in all spheres of life. It can be said that the multipronged use of tubes have been made possible by the development in science and technology over the last few years.

Use of Tubes in Fluid Technology

Tubes are the most effective and efficient MEDIUM of transporting liquid substances from one place to another. This is why a large number of companies till date heavily depend on tubes and pipes to transport liquid materials from one place to another. The smooth flow of the fluid is largely dependent on the level of the tube line. Hence, proper attention should be given to the gradient of the line if the BEST performance is to be obtained. Tubes can also be fitted with pumps that can boost the flow of the liquid inside if it is to be carried over to a long distance. It is to be kept in mind that all tubes are not suitable to all types of liquids. Therefore, the choice of the tube should be dictated by the nature of the fluid that is to be carried inside.

Use of Tubes in Construction

Tubes are also widely used in construction sites nowadays. The principal use of these materials can be found in the scaffolding that are used as a temporary support structure during the construction or renovation of a building or a tall structure. Steel tubes are mainly used for these purposes because these tubes are stronger and can afford to hold huge weight for long. It is to be kept in mind that tubes fail to perform if not maintained properly. So, users should pay attention to the maintenance of the tubes in order to have the desired performance.

Buying tubes is not a problem nowadays. As there are a number of companies involved in the business of production and distribution of tubes, users can choose from a wide range of options. Online shopping is the BEST way of getting authentic products at affordable prices. Buyers just need to visit an online store and place an order according to their requirements. However, it is always important to go through the terms and conditions before ordering.

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