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In 1971, Roger Horchow created a retailing empire without opening a single store. Committed to offering unique decorative items from around the world, he launched The Horchow Collection as the first luxury mail-order catalog without a “bricks and mortar” companion. Mr. Horchow went on to prove that all things were possible by mail, including superior customer service. He is credited with pioneering the use of toll-free phone numbers for placing catalog orders. His distinctive taste and eye for the unique dovetailed perfectly with the founding principles of Neiman Marcus and in 1988, The Horchow Collection became part of what is today Neiman Marcus Direct, the Web and catalog division of The Neiman Marcus Group. While our exceptional quality and renowned customer service have not changed since 1971, our merchandise assortment has grown spectacularly. and our catalogs offer everything from fine furniture and luxury linens to distinctive tabletop designs, lighting, antiques, rugs, and decorative accents – in short, something for every home, and every style.

How long does it take to process a Smart Label return?

Please allow 7 to 10 days for the package to reach our fulfillment center. Allow an additional 3 to 5 days for the credit to be processed.

How do I send a gift?

Most items can be gift boxed and include a gift message for an additional charge. Please view our Gift Options during Checkout for more information.

When I put something in my shopping cart, does it guarantee I have the merchandise?

Placing an item in your shopping cart does not guarantee it will be available when you are ready to make your purchase.

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Selfridges (Searl Selfridges department store), located in Oxford street, is one of London’s most famous department stores. Searl says the department store was founded in 1909, now has more than 100 years of history. The Department Store brings together a large number of popular fashion brands and designer counters, and the satisfaction of place and purchase is absolutely the best choice.

Searl says the company (Selfridges) 240000 square foot store has four floors, connected with an existing mall. Its irregular shape of the building reflects the contours of the medieval streets around the site. The Department Store targets people in young people.
The skin of a building changes simultaneously in the vertical and horizontal directions, so it cannot be analyzed and constructed with traditional geometric engineering. In the end, the concrete is sprayed outside the metal plate, and then waterproof paint is added, and the thermal insulation layer is added. The outer layer is made of synthetic plastering. Get inspiration from fashion design in 15000 after oxidation treatment of aluminum plate covering the entire surface with architects, their glamorous appearance not only to protect the paint the walls, but also hide the building surface flaws. Doors and windows and other openings like an animal’s mouth and eyes, from afar, Bermingham Searl Selfridges department store (Selfridges) scales like epidermal tension in the whole building expansion form, become an independent school formed in the brick city environment.
Bermingham Searl Selfridges department store (Selfridges) core dramatic store is its atrium, which not only brings natural light, but also played a role of positioning. The atrium is full of human activities, providing an open, barrier free view for each layer, thus attracting customers to consume. The interior style of shopping malls is diverse and unified, and the design of shelves, tables and lighting shows infinite creativity.
At present (2013) there are three stores in the UK, located in London, Manchester and Bermingham respectively. Whether it is the appearance of the mall, or interior decoration, window display, or marketing strategy, Selfridges department store always gives a fresh and refreshing feeling, although it has a long history, but never lose all fresh vigor.

Long before entering London, Sal Phu Rich Field, the founder’s own department store, had spent 25 years in the golden age in Chicago. In 1906, 50 year old Searl arrived in London, embrace the rule foric ambitions in the whole of Oxford street with his wife and four children.
In 1909, Searl says that a department owner name, the door is open to the public, before that, people have experienced a huge advertising campaign in the UK, There was no parallel in history. in the 18 home media for 7 consecutive days put up to 104 pages of advertising. At that time, dignitaries from various fields in London received a letter of invitation in the name of Gordon Selfridge. At the invitation, the founder of the Department Store described the project, which lasted 12 months, as a brilliant testimony of London’s laborers, a monument of willpower built of steel and rock”.
Searl Selfridges department store to treat employees with a out of the ordinary way: he paid for training and dress etiquette course; he will not because of poor performance on the deduction of their bonuses, and once their sales exceeded the index, he will reward. All he did was notice the difference in the atmosphere among the customers who entered the Department store. Within a week of opening, the number of people visiting the store was more than 1 million, twice as much as the 1908 year old Westfield store. As early as a century ago, the Department Store tycoon became aware of the importance of increasing traffic.
In 2007, Alannah launched a new “wonder house” selling area for Selfridges. The main products are watches, jewelry and sunglasses. The world watches sales began to tumble since February 1, 2008, and since that date, “the miracle of house sales have increased by 20%.