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American brand Naturalizer (Na Ran) is a famous American brand footwear manufacturing and sales group BROWN SHOE brand, which was founded in 1927, is the first American history for women founded the fashion brand shoes, has a history of 83 years, in the United States has a leading market coverage and influence. Naturalizer has always been a fashionable, comfortable and natural brand of feminine characteristics

Naturalizer brings new and 5 comfortable magic, bringing the incomparable wearing experience, beautiful and comfortable
A good life begins here. These 5 magic include: soft vamp, walking more confident; elastic flexible insole, wear comfortable breathable lining, dry feet; moment; light outsole, with ease; add padded heel, stimulate every step of the activity. The new 5 kinds of magic bring Chinese women elegant fashion experience, but also bring comfortable wearing experience.

09F/W design trend will be the perfect blend of fine details and comfortable foot feeling. In the trend of fashion, not blind pursuit, Naturalizer (Na Ran) to design beauty comes from comfort, quality and details to the In the most accurate interpretation, the shoes are for the use of N5 inside comfortable, elegant and comfortable confident woman to begin.
Elegant Detail
The perfect detail needs to be able to withstand the flaw, the cortex hollow lace, this kind of feminine charm design, uses the cashmere material perfect breakthrough, the color lace shoes to infuse the sense of reality and the nimble vitality. Fine sheepskin boots fold increase the paint line, the leg line appears slender and charming. Stitch design will shine the classic commuter shoes shine fashion light.
Casual Beat
Tip round comfortable flats, color and material retro do old bronze lustre, folds and fringed boots boots, and create wonderful street casual style but yet elegant connotation. Neutral, comfortable lace UPS, colorful but unobtrusive, offer a beautiful excuse for leisure time on the basis of beauty and comfort.

Naturalizer believes that elegant and comfortable shoes can be applied to any occasion in a woman’s life. In her busy occupation life, easy lunch, a special dinner or just walk the dog to share with friends, Naturalizer is the best choice of her pursuit of fashion, beautiful and comfortable.

Naturalizer brand born. Its stylish, comfortable design opens the way for women’s fashion shoes.
Opening the first specialty store in New York. For women consumers to provide the best service, a dazzling array of styles. With a variety of choices and a comfortable sense of clothing, Naturalizer has won a great reputation and a great success.
1955-1980 years
Achieved rapid development and success. Retail network all over the United States, Naturalizer has become a quality and comfort representatives, but also the female consumer trusted mainstream brands.
International retail and distribution network.
Set up a design studio in Italy, Florence. Designers draw inspiration from the European fashion trends, while emphasizing comfort, Naturalizer brings more elements of fashion.
In one fell swoop won the footwear industry published an authoritative publication “Footwear News” of the “best brand of the year” crown.
Brown shoes and China leading footwear group – Hongguo international joint venture – China shoes industry, announced the Naturalizer brand into the China. In August of the same year, the first shop opened formally in Guangzhou.
Naturalizer is developing rapidly in china. Retail network development rapidly, more than 60 stores covering Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu, Harbin and other Chinese front-line, second tier cities.
In June 22, 2008, Hongguo international to join the United States Brown shoes, cruise on the Huangpu River in Shanghai held a brand NATURALIZER and VIA SPIGA in the Chinese Conference for the first time. Hongguo International announced the signing of an agreement with the United States Brown shoes, a joint venture to set up a new shoe company,
NATURALIZER and VIA SPIGA brand shoes are sold in China market. Under the agreement, the joint venture company will be through its wholly-owned subsidiary in Dongguan, engaged in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, China’s first tier cities shop operators. At the same time, the joint venture company will be 10 years of exclusive rights granted under the Miramar Hongguo international enterprise (Nanjing) Co. Ltd., in other city Chinese using the two trademark. The two sides plan to open more than 500 stores in China in the next 5 years. This is an important step in Hongguo international following get Naughty Monkey in Chinese exclusive distribution rights to the multi brand strategy. Nearly 400 fashion and retail guests from all over the country participated in this memorable fashion trip. Hongguo International Executive Chairman Chen Yixi, the board of directors and general manager Li Wei Miu Bingwen, Huo Li and Zhao Wei attended the conference. The famous movie star Carina Lau, famous host Luyu Chen, C.Banner spokesperson Qu Ying, Baidu E.Blan with Iran spokesperson Lv Yan led many fashion people share a field full of art grand party, to fashion and comfort for NATURALIZER and
VIA SPIGA show SHOW, brought you unprecedented experience of new shoes. Chen Yixi said: with the Tom Brown Corp world influential enterprises, play a very important role in the process of Hongguo international strategy. The Naturalizer and Via Spiga brands meet the growing demand for stylish and comfortable high quality shoes from Chinese consumers. And cooperation between the two sides will certainly give the two sides a positive impact on the development of the footwear industry. Brown shoe is one of the largest footwear retailers in the United States, listed on the main board of the New York stock exchange, owns about 30 brands, such as Naturalizer, Via Spiga, Famous Footwear and Franco Sarto, and in 1927 set up the comfort oriented fashion brand shoes – Naturalizer. Naturalizer was the first brand to be created for women. For 80 years, the Naturalizer brand has conveyed the concepts of personality, fashion and comfort in modern women’s busy life. Today’s Naturalizer is well known to women around the world for its fashion and comfort, positioning itself in the mid and high-end market, and has developed into one of the most successful footwear brands in the United States. It is now the second largest brand of women’s shoes. Naturalizer has sales in 36 countries worldwide, with retail sales of approximately $500 million in 2006.

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