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Ralph Lauren comes from the United States and has a strong American flavor. Ralph Lauren’s two Poloby Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren brand and create high-quality fashion sales field in the world, the glorious image of famous designer Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren continue to carry forward the brand.
Ralph Lauren (RALPH LAUREN) “American classic” brand in the fashion industry. Ralph Lauren (RalphLauren) is a deep breath of the high taste of fashion brand, style is highly stylized two famous brand “Ralph Lauren’s Lauren Ralph Lauren” (Ralph Lauren’s) and “Polo Ralph Lauren” (Ralph Laurenma ball men) common features. In addition to fashion, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) brands include perfume, children’s clothing, home and other products. Ralph Lauren outlines an American Dream: the long lawn, the glittering antiques, the famous Ma Baoju. Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) products: whether it is clothing or furniture, whether it is perfume or utensils, have catered to the customers of the upper class, the perfect life of yearning. Or, as Mr. Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) himself said, “the purpose of my design is to realize the sweet dreams of people – the best reality imaginable.”.”
Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) fashion design combines fantasy, romance, innovation and classical inspiration, and all the details are built on a value that is not eliminated by time.
Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) mainly middle-class or higher consumer income consumers and celebrities, and good wear comfortable, affordable Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) POLO whether in Europe or Asia, has become almost all necessary clothing styles in the closet!

Born in October 14, 1939 in the United States ordinary working families Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), whose father is a painter, her mother is a typical housewife, from the family background, and almost hold top clothing. However, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) for clothing sensitivity, can be born with, from the urine since
Mr Ralph Lauren
Mr Ralph Lauren
Has been playing the game stitching clothes, general wear and jeans is a fusion of the story, let the clothes behind it; and Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) for leather appreciation resolution, is also in childhood has, every class after school, all children are out of play, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) is constantly working to buy their beloved clothes, while continuing to develop their own interest in clothes, in order to fashion industry development toward the day after. When he graduated from high school, he wrote down his wish in the book: to be a millionaire. The day after, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), that he completed his desire to become the very leading leisure brand, create a part of his personal fashion kingdom. Is not the fashion design majors Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren), the first work in the field of fashion, is a tie salesman in Boston area. The tie is all the same color, black, nothing new. By chance, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) got the chance to design a tie. He is the tie appearance do make snap innovation, not only in width increased by two times, the color is more bright and colorful, he put the price raised twice, but the results of unexpected hit, and with that fad, this tie is Ralph wide, Lauren Polo was named to the first degree the originator of.
Brand establishment
In 1968, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) company was established, and the launch of the first brand “POLO RALPH LAUREN”, which is designed for successful city men’s personal style of the clothing, between formal and casual between styles, they have convenient access to a variety of casual occasions.
In 1971, Ralph Lauren (RalphLauren) to launch a women’s brand “pH Ralph Lauren”, Ralph Lauren’s really consistent with the spirit of the United States — a trend change, not because of the eternal and personal style of dress sense.
Subsequently, Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren) launched the “POLOJEANSCOMPANY” “POLOSport” young cowboy series, leisure series, and for the society women golf design “RalphRalphGolf”. No matter how brand updates, Ralph Lauren (Ralph, Lauren) clothing, always showing a free, comfortable and luxurious, introverted atmosphere.

“The American style is in his hands, from imagination to old values: reality.”.” The design style and achievements of this sentence with Ralph Lauren.
At the beginning of this century, 40 years of British and American upper class life, wild west, old movies, baseball players of the 30s and old tycoons were the source of his inspiration. When it comes to the understated Polish style to the field of fashion design, it should be said that he can do anything.
Often a lot of people only know POLO (Polo), and don’t know its designer Ralph Lauren, in fact, POLO is just the first series of menswear he designed. The original theme of “POLO” as a costume was because Ralph Lauren thought the movement was immediately associated with aristocratic leisure life.
Ralph Lauren’s shrewd is to let the whole world are convinced: round to buy Ralph Lauren brand clothing dream, so worth double. His way of displaying goods was unique, and the store displayed a family atmosphere that was so successful that stores in Madison Avenue sold more than $thirty million in the first year.
In the eyes of the fusion has been focused on shaping the western frontier, Indian culture, former Hollywood feelings of “American style” of Ralph Lauren, and even been called the “American Journal of media on behalf of the classic” designer.
“My design goal is to achieve an imaginary reality that must be part of the lifestyle and become personal with the flow of time.” Ralph Lauren said his new ideas of leisure, but also revealed that the direction of the design, is a fusion of fantasy, romance, creative inspiration and classical presentation.
For Ralph Lauren, style, height, style is the necessary basis for fashion, fashion should not only wear a season, but should be timeless timeless. The POLO brand range comes from American history and is close to life. It meant a high quality of life, winning the life achievement achievement award of the American Fashion Designers Association for Ralph Lauren.


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