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Alternative Medicine Schools

February 11th, 2016 No comments

If you think that the only “medical schools” are those that award traditional medical degrees, think again. The demand for natural treatment for human maladies is growing by leaps and bounds.

With every “recall” of a prescription drug and with every high-profile “malpractice” suit, people are losing confidence in traditional medicine and those WHO practice it. There is an increasing demand for healing by natural means. And with the increasing demand, an increasingly LARGE number of schools and colleges are providing training to those WHO want to practice healing using no synthetic drugs or scalpels. You can find schools and colleges WHO train people to be chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopathic medicine practitioners, and nutritionists, and there are dozens of other fields in Alternative Medicine for which training is available.

Holistic health practitioner schools teach massage therapy, acupressure, nutritional counseling, herbology, reflexology, yoga, Traditional Chinese medicine, polarity, BREATH work, and many more. Holistic health practitioners do not just treat ailments; they teach patients the habits and healthy practices to obtain and sustain optimal health and prevent illness. An ounce of prevention REALLY is worth a pound of CURE.

Dietary programs and exercise routines are two very important parts of holistic medicine. This ADVICE is no different than what a medical doctor with a degree from medical school would provide. The difference is that holistic practitioners believe that DIET and exercise along with other Natural Treatments like massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, Deep Breathing exercises, and yoga will restore health, while doctors believe that DIET and exercise plus the ingestion of synthetic drugs is the answer to all of LIFE‘s health problems.

Doctors WHO attend medical schools are given training in traditional Western medicine practices while those WHO attend Alternative Medicine schools and colleges are given training in natural and less intrusive methods of healing.

Be Aware Of The Dangers Of Cleaning Products

February 10th, 2016 No comments

As the head of household, it takes a lot of organizational skills to keep everything running smoothly and comfortably for my family. I have to prioritize a lot of chores and tasks to make sure I get everything done. I assign days to cleaning the bathroom (unless an emergency such as a sick 10 year-old means a random cleaning), days to clean the kitchen and so on. I try to keep the appropriate cleaning products near ground zero; for instance keep the dish washing liquid on the kitchen sink, the tub scrubbing products in the bathroom.
For safety purposes it is always BEST to READ the warning labels on all cleaning products even if you think you know enough about them. Some of these ordinary household supplies can be potentially explosive threats to you and your family if you don’t follow the instructions.
I remember once when I was little, my Mom was cleaning the bathroom. She decided that since she didn’t have enough of the product she normally used to clean the toilet, she would mix it with another cleaning product. I don’t know EXACTLY what or how many chemicals my Mom mixed in that concoction, but it caused what looked like a chemical burn on her face. I never forgot that horror of hearing my Mom when she realized something was wrong. Since that day, I’ve always used cleaning products as directed on the instructions.
We’re all aware that these products can be dangerous if ingested or harmful after prolonged exposure. We all know that we should wear rubber gloves when using many of them. But many of US never think about the possible dangers of mixing some of these household cleaning supplies. One product by itself may be fine, but mix it with the wrong combination and you can experience shortness of BREATH, chest pain, nausea and worse.
Reading the labels can be beneficial because you see the product as let’s say glass cleaner. You may not realize that mixing that harmless household supply with the urine in the toilet bowl or the litter box can become toxic. Some glass cleaners use ammonia which is dangerous when it connects with urine. That’s not a pleasant example, but it gets the point across. All those chemicals can turn your bathroom or kitchen into a chemistry lab.
Mixing bleach and ammonia can produce chloramines. These are toxic gases can cause a number of physical reactions in you including pneumonia. Now, this is not some protest against household cleaning supplies. It’s simply meant as a word of caution. Don’t mix cleaning supplies thinking that you can create something that will do the job better.
READ the labels, you should know what’s in your hands and what under the bathroom sink. A simple trip now to the internet to learn more about the dangers of mixing household cleaning supplies can help you avoid a trip to the doctor or hospital later.

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