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Alternative Medicine Schools

February 11th, 2016 No comments

If you think that the only “medical schools” are those that award traditional medical degrees, think again. The demand for natural treatment for human maladies is growing by leaps and bounds.

With every “recall” of a prescription drug and with every high-profile “malpractice” suit, people are losing confidence in traditional medicine and those WHO practice it. There is an increasing demand for healing by natural means. And with the increasing demand, an increasingly LARGE number of schools and colleges are providing training to those WHO want to practice healing using no synthetic drugs or scalpels. You can find schools and colleges WHO train people to be chiropractors, massage therapists, naturopathic medicine practitioners, and nutritionists, and there are dozens of other fields in Alternative Medicine for which training is available.

Holistic health practitioner schools teach massage therapy, acupressure, nutritional counseling, herbology, reflexology, yoga, Traditional Chinese medicine, polarity, BREATH work, and many more. Holistic health practitioners do not just treat ailments; they teach patients the habits and healthy practices to obtain and sustain optimal health and prevent illness. An ounce of prevention REALLY is worth a pound of CURE.

Dietary programs and exercise routines are two very important parts of holistic medicine. This ADVICE is no different than what a medical doctor with a degree from medical school would provide. The difference is that holistic practitioners believe that DIET and exercise along with other Natural Treatments like massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, Deep Breathing exercises, and yoga will restore health, while doctors believe that DIET and exercise plus the ingestion of synthetic drugs is the answer to all of LIFE‘s health problems.

Doctors WHO attend medical schools are given training in traditional Western medicine practices while those WHO attend Alternative Medicine schools and colleges are given training in natural and less intrusive methods of healing.

Bed Liners For Pickups — Premium Liners

February 4th, 2016 No comments

Bed liners of several types are almost necessary for pickup trucks. Without some kind of protection, truck beds soon turn to rust buckets. Simply using a pickup for normal use is bound to scratch and dent the bed finish.

Spray on bed liners have several advantages over other options. Now these are offered as options even on new trucks. Usually for a new truck the application will be done by a local franchise of one of the big name liner companies.

Spray liners are after all REALLY a paint application over the existing bed coating. But it is special paint. Partly it is special because it dries and cures almost instantly. The paint usually is a two PART product mixed right at the spray gun. Engineered to CURE FAST, that means the time to get the project done is very short. Usually that means the truck only has to be at the applicator just a day or so.

Another major feature of the coating is thickness. Up to 1/4 inch thick, the lining durability relates partly to the LARGE volume of material applied. The thickness of the coat means much paint can be torn or scratched away and the metal of the bed still is untouched. It isn’t that the liner is so hard to damage, it’s that there is just so much of it there. Then there’s the matter of color. See, you now can get some liners in several popular colors to contrast with the paint of the vehicle.

The guarantee that comes with liners is not that the liner won’t be harmed, it is that it will be repaired. It’s not that the liner won’t be damaged at all. It’s just that repair is quite simple to accomplish. Repair just means a respray, that’s all.

Another basic feature of liners professionally installed is proper preparation. Like for any paint coating, proper surface prep REALLY is KEY to a coating that sticks. Scrimp on surface prep and the coating likely will be gone with the wind. That’s basically why many do it yourself paint on liners won’t last long. The surface prep gets too little effort.

That guarantee you get means the surface prep will get done and it will be done right.

Spray on bed liners work so well for several reasons. It’s partly because of the material itself used in the coating. But it is partly just the careful application too. The guarantee you receive means the application must be done properly or the dealer will be forced to do it over again.

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