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What Are Blinds?

February 15th, 2016 No comments

What EXACTLY are blinds and where are they used? Blinds are fixed to the windows to provide protection from the external weather conditions for the rooms. You can easily open them or adjust them if you want to enjoy the outside. You will find vertical blinds fixed to windows mostly to cover the entire window. You need to follow certain STEPS when you plan to fix vertical blinds to the windows so that the blinds work well.

You need to align the vane on the vertical blinds if they are supplied to you unaligned, using a thin flat object. You can realign the blind by moving the flat object and the vane, so that it moves out of the vane holder and the blind gets aligned. You will find it quite tough to fix the vane again when it is removed. You need to find out the headrail of the blind where you will see a hole where the stem would fit. By adjusting the stem, the blind can be operated using the rotation chain. All the stems should align with the FIRST stem that you aligned and thus the vane can be attached again.

When you find the operation of control chain difficult, take out the end CAP and you will find a pulley in the middle. You will also find a washer, and if it is tightly fixed, you have to loosen it so that the chain works better. You can reduce the length of the cord by pulling the additional cord and putting a knot at the end of the cord. After doing this, you must ensure that the blind operates well. You also need to LOOK for unwanted gaps between the blinds and you must carefully remove them.

It is equally important that the blinds are maintained properly. You can clean the blinds using cotton glove and white vinegar. When you use vinegar to clean the blind, the dust will not distribute in the air and also it is quite economical to use the vinegar. Since no heavy chemicals are found in vinegar, it is safe to use the same in any surface. The blinds should not be wet and you need to check for special instructions that come with the user manual.

When you follow the vital TIPS to clean and repair the blinds, the LIFE of the blinds will be long and the purpose for which they are fixed will be fully achieved.

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How To Hunt Down Great Contemporary Interior Design Ideas

February 13th, 2016 No comments

Interior design is a great way to REALLY accentuate a room’s strengths, hide its flaws, and create a welcoming and hip space for people. If you are thinking about redoing your home or your office, you need to take the time to REALLY consider your options. You need to consider everything from the furniture layout of the room to the color scheme, lighting, and feel of the room. The more ideas you see, the more likely it is that you will come up with a surefire and successful design plan for your home or office. Thus, it pays to keep your eyes open and to do your RESEARCH. The following are some great ideas or TIPS for how to hunt down the BEST possible contemporary interior design ideas in today’s world.

Magazines and Television

Home design and home improvement are FAST becoming popular interests. Thus, if you turn on the television or open a magazine, you will no doubt see some great contemporary interior design ideas. There are even channels on the television devoted to this very subject. You can invest in magazines that are specifically linked to home design, or you can just keep your eyes open when reading everything from a home improvement magazine to one about celebrities. You never know whose home or office will be photographed and what contemporary interior design ideas you can find from these images.

Friends’ Homes

If you want to hunt down some great contemporary interior design ideas, you just need to keep your eyes open when you are in the homes of your loved ones. Even those without a design background may have a layout, furniture or lighting choice, or color scheme that speaks to you and your interests. Often, inspiration comes when we LEAST expect it. Thus, it is important to always keep your eyes open when it comes to looking for contemporary interior design ideas.


Often, home interior design inspiration and ideas do not have to come only from design magazines. Instead, if you keep your eyes open and engage with all forms of art, you can walk away with some REALLY great ideas. Thus, if you want to get some great contemporary interior design ideas, you should head to contemporary art museums. Being here may give you ideas about everything from how to plan a floor plan to the colors and fabrics you might want to use in a room.

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