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Modern PR To Sell Software Online

February 26th, 2016 No comments

Nowadays the role of press releases has changed a lot – they have become an excellent distribution vehicle for companies who sell software online. It has become a great cost-effective channel for the companies who have been on the market for a long time as well as for the young companies. Once you START to publish press releases, you will increase awareness of your products and create back links to your website. This will result in the Web Site traffic growth and will lead to software downloads.

How to START PR distribution
Software companies always have many types of news. PR distribution ideally should be a steady process, so you have constant appeal to your clients and journalists.
In your press release you may want to write about a solution that servers a unique niche of the market, your company attending software industry events, awards received, new version releases, software updates, new partnerships, sales increase and much more.

Effective press releases
Some of US are still used to thinking of press releases as an old way to contact media. Modern PRs are very far from the old style – they may have audio, video, graphics, i.e. lots of things that will attract your audience. PRs tend to be more social and client-oriented. These are reasons why you need to put in product information your clients would be more likely to read.
Most of the news releases that software companies publish are product or customer related. To attract more customers, put free trial offers in the releases of your software products. Press releases should highlight your success stories and contain expert solutions as a leading software company in the industry. Give readers more examples of the benefits they can get with your software. People are not looking for your product; they are looking for solutions to perform the tasks.

What is the BEST way to distribute PR?
News release wires offer a great opportunity for software companies to cover hundreds of web sites, including online news services like Yahoo! and Google. Make sure your PR is highly optimized – it uses keywords that make it easier to be found by your customers and has links to your Web Site.

Is PR really helpful for selling software online?
If you want to sell software online effectively, try looking for different ways to increase your Web Site traffic and attract targeted audiences. Doing effective PR on a regular basis will help you to accomplish these goals. People will be aware of your solutions and the company brand and will be more likely to make a purchase once they understand they can trust the company that offers the solution they are looking for. PR distribution is considered to be a long-lasting form of promotion because once PR is published and later archived you can still get visitors coming from PR links.

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